Our Activities

The main purpose and objective of establishment of “SPIRITUAL REGENERATION MOVEMENT FOUNDATION OF INDIA” was to enlighten all people through the various following programmes of welfare for the national interest.

To establish “Maharishi Ved Vigyan Vidya Peeth”. There will training of thousands of Vedic Scholars who will propagate the 40 aspects of Vedic knowledge throughout the world.

To establish “Transcendental Meditation, Sidhi and Yoga Centre”. For teaching of Transcendental Meditation, Sidhi programs and Yoga Techniques to the aspirants for their overall physical and mental growth.

To establish “Maharishi Jyotish and Research Centre”. There will be training of Vedic astrologers who will guide the people of society in right direction to avert the danger which has not yet come.

To establish “Maharishi Yagya Anusthan and Research Center”. There will be Yagya performance by Vedic Pandits on the level of pure consciousness to neutralize the negative influences of planets and to maximize happiness in life.

To establish “Maharishi Professional Training Centre”. There ill be training for the younger generation to build their professional career through Vedic Science courses, Modern science, art, commerce, engineering, law, management etc.

The Society has been established with the divine blessing of Maharishi ji and the programmes of Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation of India are running successfully and nourishing in large interest of the society in India.